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The Palos Park Woman’s Club was founded in 1902 and has been a driving force in the many developments in the Village of Palos Park. With a current membership of 81, the club’s purpose is to promote cultural, environmental, educational, wellness and civic interest as a charitable organization. The Woman’s Club is currently in charge of the annual Sell It Again Palos and Blood Drive, and offers yearly scholarships and much more.

The club meets the second Thursday of the month, September through April, except in January, at the Palos Park Presbyterian Church with an installation dinner at an area restaurant in May. The meetings start at 10 a.m. Doors open at 9:30 am and include a business meeting, a luncheon and entertainment. For membership information,  visit this website’s membership link. Find us on the Village of Palos Park’s website (, and on Facebook.


Below is a partial list of the contributions the Palos Park Woman’s Club has graciously made to the Village of Palos Park. Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful organization for all their hard work and generosity.

  • Working Through Palos Township,
    Provides Easter Baskets for Children In Need on a Yearly Basis
  • Scholarships Are Offered to Andrew, Sandburg and Stagg High School Students
  • Money Designated for Palos Park Library and Police Contributions Designated for Palos Park Recreation Department, Library, Police, Cadets and Fire Department
  • Yearly Purse Auction Provides Much Needed Funds to an International Charity (Chairperson’s Choice)
  • Valentine/Christmas Cards Containing Money For Illinois Veteran’s Home
    at Manteno
  • Used Greeting Cards Sent to St. Jude’s Ranch For Children
  • Pop Can Tops for The Ronald McDonald House
  • Collect Plastic Bags for Recycling
  • Sponsorship for Autumn In The Park
  • Fundraisers: Farmer’s Market White Elephant Sale, Sell It Again Palos,
    Autumn in the Park Hot Dog Tent
  • Philanthropic Endeavors: The Center Scholarship, The Crisis Center, District 118, District 230, Contribution To Andrew, Sandburg And Stagg High School Graduation Parties, McCord Gallery, The Palos Food Pantry, Palos Historical Society, and Prevention Of Child Abuse, Illinois

Find us and other Palos Park clubs on the Village of Palos Park’s Website


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PPWC 2017 Installation Luncheon

Posted by Palos Park Woman's Club on Tuesday, August 1, 2017




One thought on “Palos Park Woman’s Club

  1. B Sicks

    Are you having the “Garage Sale” event again this year at the train station?
    What are the costs for me to participate ? When will it be ?

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